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 My AOG Story

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J o e C oo l

J o e C oo l

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PostSubject: My AOG Story   My AOG Story EmptyThu Mar 25, 2010 8:45 pm

~ The Diary of John Miller ~

June 17, 324 - Happy birthday, Johnie! I got you this diary for your big trip! Make sure you have everything packed up - you have to leave in 3 days!
June 18, 324 - I guess I'll start off this diary today. I've been packing for hours to leave to Varrock from our farm here. We will be travelling through Canifis in 2 days to cross the river.
June 20, 324 - We are leaving today! I'm just double-checking everything. I'm going to miss my family, but it's for the best.
June 25, 324 - Why? Why did this have to happen?! They call themselves warriors! Warriors don't murder innocents!
July 4, 324 - I guess it isn't so bad. They recruited me here under threat of death, but I'm getting used to the darkness constantly felt here.
July 7, 324 - Full moon tomorrow. They say it is dangerous, for obvious reasons.
July 10, 324 - Is this my destiny? I am now one of them. The wound took two days to heal, but it is too late to reverse what happened.
August 7, 324 - Our army is moving much too slowly. We've barely made it ten miles in a month. Full moon again tomorrow - we will see what happens.
August 14, 324 - Oh god, the pain... I never knew it would be like that. I do not remember a thing. The first thing I remember since the night before is waking up in a swamp with an arrow in my leg.
August 22, 324 - I found a cave to settle down in. I am still not safe - I can hear them at night. I have no idea where I am.
August 27, 324 - I've been scouting this area. It is simply swamp. It feels familiar though.
August 30, 324 - Oh god.. reminded once again of my past. Our home is completely burned to the ground. I found my Bessie's skull on the ground...
September 4, 324 - FINALLY! The Saradominists have come! Zamorak's forces are being destroyed - the saradominists recruited me to their army. I hope they don't find out what I am...
November 17, 324 - I'm one of the last ones. I'm hiding in a tower in Hallowvale. I can hear them coming...

March 16, 2010 - I showed this diary to my colleagues. They duplicated it and gave the original back to me. They gave me enough money so I don't have to work at the museum any more - I've taken up my lifelong dream of adventuring.
March 18, 2010 - I returned to the tower I found this diary in. I will place it back underneath the skeleton I found it under. It can remain there - I think John would've appreciated that. - Joe Cool

Rate it/review it please Smile
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rohan barnu

rohan barnu

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PostSubject: Re: My AOG Story   My AOG Story EmptyThu Mar 25, 2010 10:45 pm

Nice journal/diary writing style, but content is lacking , probably not your fault as there is a word limit, but also your fault because this style of writing consumes more words unless a person's english is technically/grammatically so sound that he can replace 3-4 words with 1 word (that requires a very high vocabulary).

Rating: 3/5 (sorry i look more for content, something interesting, this seemed too short) silent

D/W i have had at least 100+ of my literary contributions to my country's national newspaper and to my institute, criticized quite badly before they got into shape, and became worth publishing.
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My AOG Story
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